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MM Meet

 A. Thibault
 7 weeks


 New Puppy
 A. Thibault
 4 weeks


Household Manners
A. Thibault

Yappy Hour

Meet at Thibault Home
Drop In

01 &1122
10am-12pm Saturdays

$6 donation
 Call or text 810-348-1223
If for some reason you need to miss a class, a makeup class is offered.

Consultations and Private Lessons, please call to set up appt.

Readings with you and your dog. 30 min. session, $50. Ann is intuitive and has been able to read both people and their animals from childhood. Insight into your dogs behaviors offer help in understanding your dog.

New Puppy ($95.00)
Puppies under 14 weeks of age. Puppies are allowed to play, explore and investigate, all the while being handled, learning about limitations, no biting. Housebreaking, nipping, child interaction etc., will be covered.

Kids Class: Puppy Care
Children are our next generation of dog owners. Proper care and handling, feeding, housebreaking, cleanup, proper nutrition, rough housing, teasing, safety etc. will be covered. Lunch included. Please call to register. Please bring your puppy. Limited space. Children age 8 or older. Call if you have questions.

Household Manners ($95.00)
House breaking problems, jumping on people, nipping, counter surfing, constantly underfoot, begging? Stop those behaviors and have fun while you take charge of your house again.

Beginning Obedience ($195.00  Can be split into two payments, paid in full by class 3)
Heel, Sit, Come, Down, Sit Stay, Down Stay etc. Dog behavior. Why does your dog do that? Household manners, Social Puppy are also taught in this class. Games, class photo and graduation party round out this series. Meets for seven weeks, 1 1/2 hrs. each time, you will
go home with homework to work on with your dog.

Introduction to Agility ($125.00)
Build confidence in your dog and give him a fun outlet for his energy. He'll go home tired and relaxed. Introduce him to the tunnel, A Frame, jumps, weave poles etc.

"Yappy" Hour (Happy Hour)$6.00 per dog

Bring your dog to meet and greet with other dogs
and their owners. Dogs can play together both indoors &
in the outdoor play yard. Watch and learn to read
dog behavior. Refreshments served.

Pet Loss and Grief
Blind, numbing pain is one description of loss. This is a place where its safe to share how much your beloved pet meant to you.
Share your story.

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